Maptive is an online platform that helps the users to customize the maps according to their requirements. It allows the users to generate charts with specific data displaying at geographical locations. The platform uses Google maps to ensure the accuracy of the information and updating. The clients can customize the data from the tools provided by Maptive.


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Whimsical is a platform that allows users to stay organized by designing visuals that go a great length to help them out in professional life on a daily basis.

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Maptive Review and Overview

Maps allow the users to understand the information better using a graphical method. It gives a clear idea about the distribution and statistics that provide a clear explanation. The conventional tools available in the market require a lot of effort and consume time. Maptive allows users to customize the maps quickly in real-time. It helps the users to analyze the elements better without wasting time. Maptive offers a variety of tools that have different functions and assist users. It also helps the users to share the data with more convenience.

Customized maps with data

The sales and marketing teams sometimes require precise data about their clients. It helps them to plan their strategy and target their audience. Maptive enables the users to build interactive maps for charting their consumer base in specific locations. It also acts as a tool for explaining the investors and management about the data. The users can even opt for a customized function that fulfills their needs. It helps the users to exploit the data provided by Google Maps and generate useful information. The system has interactive tools for drawing and isolating the elements in the maps.

Share the data with others.

An essential use of the data is sharing it with others without any hassle. Maptive has a lot of options. It allows the users to send the maps in the form of images or printouts. The users can also customize the data for digital use in presentations or websites.

Completely online

The highlighting feature about Maptive is that it is entirely online. Users can generate maps from their browsers without download. It is compatible with all the devices and platforms. It has a lot of real-life applications and benefits. The users can always rely on the data provided by Maptive.

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